Sozotron is a passion project and my maiden voyage into designer/art toy creation. I wanted to make something unique yet familiar using current tools and technologies while satisfying the artist/designer in me and the kid at heart.


This is part of a "retro" series that pays tribute to classic tin robot designs along with original twists of my own. Sold as a complete set, it is comprised of four SozoRobo robots and two SozoMecha robots.


There are only 3 complete sets available for sale.

Sozotron: Complete Set

SKU: 632835642834572
  • This is a complete set of Sozotron robots which includes the following.

    • SozoRobo
      • 1 Astro Core
      • 1 Monitor Core
      • 1 Reactor Core
      • 1 Triclops Core
    • SozoMecha
      • 1 Marz Core
      • 1 GO5 Core

    Please see the individual descriptions for further information on each piece.