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Sozotron is a passion project and my maiden voyage into designer/art toy creation. I wanted to make something unique yet familiar using current tools and technologies while satisfying the artist/designer in me and the kid at heart.


This is part of a "retro" series that pays tribute to classic tin robot designs along with original twists of my own. The series is comprised of four SozoRobo robots and two SozoMecha robots.


There are only 7 of each design available for individual sale.

SozoRobo: Astro Core

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Features

    • Height: Approximately 2.6” tall.

    • Made of classic AMAC plastic containers with laser cut and engraved acrylic and Draftboard (wood/MDF).

    • 10 neodymium magnets hold the torso and limbs together allowing for limited articulation at the shoulders and waist. Magnets in the feet allow for a steady stance on a magnetic metal surface.

    • The limbs are interchangeable with other SozoRobo (sold separately).

    • The core bodies can be swapped to pilot either SozoMecha (sold separately).

    • Each SozoRobo comes housed in a custom display chamber.

    • Please note that these are handcrafted items, whole or in part, and may contain minor imperfections.